Family Engagement


The moment your child becomes a student in our school, you have become family. We can't effectively do our work without the support and partnership of our families. 

There are many ways to get involved and stay connected.

Class Parent

At the beginning of each school year a form is sent home to families in order to gauge interest in becoming a class parent. There will be one class parent chosen per class. Teachers will communicate with the class parent about class celebrations. Class parents are free to enlist the help of other parents as the need arises.


The role of the class parent is as follows:

  • Organize class celebrations or events.

  • Support the teacher/PTA in maximizing parent involvement at AEA.


Class parents must maintain student confidentiality at all times. Do not discuss any student with anyone. Your role in the classroom during a celebration or event is one of support. Teachers will send down all slips of interested families and if there is more than one interested parent, administration will randomly pick a parent to serve for that given year.


Parent Volunteers

Throughout the year, we have many opportunities for families to volunteer their time, donate supplies and share their resources. We are so grateful for a generous and willing community! If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to your child's teacher, the PTA or your Class Parent. 

Some opportunities include:

  • join a committee (events, fundraising, community outreach)

  • help organize areas in our school building

  • donate supplies for special school events


Class/ School Events

Our school year is filled with celebrations, events and workshops when families can come meet with other families, visit their child's classrooms or receive training in various topics ranging from test prep, social emotional awareness to nutrition or financial responsibility. Please make sure you are checking our school calendar for dates.


Districtwide/ Citywide Involvement

We have a very strong and vibrant group of families in our district. We are also a very diverse population with different backgrounds, experiences, preferences and skills. District leaders and Parent Coordinators plan a number of districtwide events to promote unity, provide avenues for networking and develop/ nurture a strong parent body. These events come in the forms of family trips with families from other schools, family workshops and trainings, Parent Led initiatives, just to name a few. We encourage families to get involved in the district and city specific councils and committees. 

You can also visit the NYCDOE's site for more information

Get Involved

Field Trips

Field trips are an important part of early childhood education and are highly encouraged. Teachers plan most of their trips in September for the calendar year. Please make sure to send in trip money and forms by the due date in order to have your child participate.


Teachers make every effort to accommodate parents who would like to be trip chaperones. There are limits set per trip as to how many chaperones are needed. When there are more volunteers than we can accommodate, we will first select those chaperones who must travel with their child to administer medication. NYCDOE policy states that all students with allergies that may require medication must have a parent or parent designee with them for all off-site trips. If space permits, other chaperones are invited to attend.


Some trips may have an additional cost for parent chaperones.

It is the expectation that chaperones on school field trips make themselves available to assist the class staff with any needs during the trip.

Birthday Celebrations 

At AEA we understand the importance of celebrating birthdays. Family members are asked to adhere to the following regulations about birthday celebrations:


Pre-K Celebrations occur the last 15 minutes prior to dismissal. There are no exceptions! Teachers inform administration of when a celebration is going to take place and which parent/caregiver will be attending.


Kindergarten -5th grade students are given a birthday crown and pencil and a special trip to the Treasure Chest! No food items are permitted.


Students are encouraged to bring in their favorite book and the student/teacher will read it to the class as a special treat.


Goody bags are not permitted!


Teachers are not permitted to hand out invitations to private parties or family contact information.