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Enrichment & Partnerships

Enrichment & Partnerships

Literacy through Art & Music

An enrichment piece that is incorporated into our social studies curriculum is Literacy through Art and Music.  This program studies various works of art and various musical compositions from the 1920’s to better understand historical eras throughout history.  At AEA, upper grade students study the causes and effects of Slavery and the Great Migration on the Harlem Renaissance. The students will explore the Great Migration as a movement that affected American culture, music, and society as a whole through music, art, and the five forever factors (political, social, geography, economics, and technology). Students will focus on various artists with a spotlight on the artist, Jacob Lawrence. The students will use various mediums to synthesize their learning throughout the unit. Parallel teaching will be done by Ms. Stewart, our Visual Arts Resident.


This program will focus on the basics of coding. Students will learn the basics of programming with the goal of coding to create their own video game or digital art! Stay tuned for more information! 

Artist in Focus

The class focuses on different artists, learning about their history and art techniques. The students apply what they learn to create similar pieces. Students are chosen on a first come, first serve basis. More information forthcoming 

Dance Troupe

Mrs. Bonthuys and Ms. Garger work with a group of students from the upper grades on dance techniques after school. They learn choreography and put on a dance performance at the end of their session. Students have to audition to be part of this group. 


Our students have the opportunity to be part of their grade productions. Mrs. Bonthuys holds auditions where students are picked for different parts from on stage acting to behind the scenes stage hands. An end of the year production takes place where families are invited to enjoy all the hard work the students put into making the show a success! 


CASA- Flushing Town Hall

Made possible by the generous CASA grant, we have had the opportunity to partner with Flushing Town Hall to provide our students an afterschool program learning about various art forms. Our students have learned and performed Korean Drums, Cumbia (a Colombian folklore dance) and Global Drums. 


92nd Street Y is a world-class cultural and community center. Year after year, our students have traveled to 92Y to watch different performances on site. As part of the program, our students also learn from a resident artist from 92Y. 


The New York Pops’ innovative PopsEd music education programming allows New Yorkers of all ages and backgrounds to participate in fully customizable music programs that blend traditional education with pure fun. Our students have enjoyed working with Mr. Kevin learning songs and later performing for our families. We also receive free tickets to local performances throughout the year. 

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement has 104 local JA Areas across the nation, and are the nation's largest organization dedicated to giving young people the knowledge and skills they need to own their economic success, plan for their futures, and make smart academic and economic choices. Yearly, we have had the privilege of welcoming Junior Achievement students from local schools to speak to our students. 

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