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Emergency Protocols


We understand how challenging it can be to find parking around the school during normal hours of operation. Families are not allowed to block any school driveways or school bus stop. Families are also not allowed to double-park anywhere around the building or park in the school parking lot. Cars will be ticketed and towed.


For the safety of our children we ask that you are overly cautious and cognizant of our little ones as you pull up to the school.


Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!


School Closings

The citywide decision to close or delay the opening of school during extreme weather is made by the School’s Chancellor’s office and the Mayor of NYC. The decision is usually made by 6:00 a.m. on the affected day. Television and radio stations, such as NY1, 1010 WINS and WCBS (880 AM), will broadcast information on school closings and delays.


If the Chancellor and/or Mayor deems it unsafe to travel or decides to delay a school opening, it will be done as early as possible to accommodate staff and families.


Emergency Cards (Blue)

Blue Cards can be found on Operoo. Parents can update and make any changes to Operoo on an as needed basis. Please make sure you list ALL the people you are allowing us to release your child to during pick ups.  Everyone who picks up your child must have a valid photo ID available upon request. 

Entering the Building Protocol

Everyone who enters the building must present a valid photo ID to the security agent when signing in. The security agent will contact the appropriate person you need to speak with. 

Please note, strollers are not allowed in the building for safety reasons. In case of an evacuation, they pose a safety hazard. Strollers must be folded and kept outside away from the main entrance doors, as we do not have an indoor storage area for them. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. 

School Emergency Readiness

General Response Protocol

Schools train and drill all staff and students in the General Response Protocol, which describes what to do in an Evacuation, Shelter-In, or Lockdown. The training is tailored for different grade levels so that students aren’t upset by the information.


For more information, visit NYCDOE's

Emergency Readiness


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