Our Drama program follows the Blueprints for the Arts.  Program features include acting, playwriting, set design, choreography, technical theater, and directing.  This work is showcased through a variety of grade level productions.  Our past productions have included “Under the Sea”, “The Great and Powerful Oz” and "The Greatest Show".


Reader’s Theater

Literacy is brought to life for our students through the use of Reader’s Theater.  This is utilized in the classroom as well as during Drama instruction.


Visual Arts Residency

Ms. Stewart, a teaching artist from Wingspan Arts, provides visual art instruction two days per week for the entire school year.  Students learn about different art styles such as sculpture, charcoal drawing, watercolor painting, collage, and creative work using various media.

Music Program

We are so excited for our new Music Room filled with string instruments, woodwinds and percussion! Our program will provide students, of all levels, an in house opportunity to learn and perfect their musical skills and talents.