Our balanced literacy program integrates reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  Classroom libraries feature a plethora of reading material with a vast number of genres and literary works.  Literacy block is scheduled for 100 minutes of instruction every day in every classroom. Embedded into the pacing calendar is an allocation of time for assessment and re-teaching, as well as an integration of the arts. The mCLASS assessment system will be administered three times per year to track student progress and to identify areas in need of support. Teachers in Kindergarten - Grade 4 have been trained to interpret and utilize the results of this assessment to inform their instruction.



Go Math is our program of choice.  This program focuses on all mathematical concepts that are vital to the success of every child at each grade level. These concepts include problem solving, the utilization of manipulatives, and the promotion of reasoning skills, divergent thinking and the communication arts as part of mathematics. To support instruction, classes use manipulative kits, calculators, books and pacing calendars. Included in the schedule is the Problem of the Day.  We believe in regular use of manipulatives to deepen understanding and provide hands-on learning and practice.  Math centers are used for demonstration of acquired knowledge in content specific area.


Social Studies

Our Social Studies program is focused around the NYS and city curriculum. Instruction is delivered through a project approach and class trips supporting topics of study. Students are involved in projects emphasizing analysis, synthesis, and critical judgment using the “Five Forever Factors.” One example of our thematic units is an in depth study of the Harlem Renaissance.  Students' work is presented in a living museum-style production known as “A Night at the Apollo”. 



Our Science program is centered around an “inquiry process / hands on approach”. All teachers engage in STEAM challenges and students from K-4th also have additional STEAM lessons with Ms. Vasilakis. Students in the ECC (Early Childhood Center) building use Harcourt Science kits and science trade books.  Our students from 2nd- 4th grade are using Amplify Science. 

The Arts


Our Drama program follows the Blueprints for the Arts.  Program features include acting, playwriting, set design, choreography, technical theater, and directing.  This work is showcased through a variety of grade level productions.  Our past productions have included “Under the Sea”, “The Great and Powerful Oz” and "The Greatest Show".


Reader’s Theater

Literacy is brought to life for our students through the use of Reader’s Theater.  This is utilized in the classroom as well as during Drama instruction.


Visual Arts Residency

Ms. Stewart, a teaching artist from Wingspan Arts, provides visual art instruction two days per week for the entire school year.  Students learn about different art styles such as sculpture, charcoal drawing, watercolor painting, collage, and creative work using various media.


Literacy through Art & Music

An enrichment piece that is incorporated into our social studies curriculum is Literacy through Art and Music.  This program studies various works of art and various musical compositions from the 1920’s to better understand historical eras throughout history.  At AEA, upper grade students study the causes and effects of Slavery and the Great Migration on the Harlem Renaissance. The students will explore the Great Migration as a movement that affected American culture, music, and society as a whole through music, art, and the five forever factors (political, social, geography, economics, and technology). Students will focus on various artists with a spotlight on the artist, Jacob Lawrence. The students will use various mediums to synthesize their learning throughout the unit. Parallel teaching will be done by Ms. Stewart, our Visual Arts Resident.


Homework is an essential component of the instructional day. Homework is assigned to reinforce skills, concepts and knowledge which have been taught during the instructional day.


It is the responsibility of all students to complete their homework assignments to the very best of their ability and seek clarification from their teacher if they have any questions about the homework that was assigned. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that homework assignments are complete and that the student is prepared for the next instructional day.


The AEA educational community has developed the following homework policy:

  • Homework is given Monday-Friday, during extended holiday periods and summer vacation.

  • Homework is given by both classroom and specialty teachers.

  • Homework Guidelines are as follows:

    • Kindergarten – 20 minutes

    • Grade 1 – 30 minutes

    • Grade 2 – 35-40 minutes

    • Grade 3 – 40-45 minutes

  • All homework will be checked by the assigning teacher and feedback will be included.

  • Assigning teacher will give advance notice of research projects and special assignments.

  • All students are expected to have a valid library card for assignments that require library visits.

  • If the child is absent due to illness, families should make every effort to have students make up the work by helping them attain the assignment(s).


Our revised 2019-20 grading policy can be found here

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