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Welcome to AEA PS303Q!

At The Academy for Excellence Through the Arts, we believe that children have a natural desire to learn, imagine, explore and create. Our teachers, parents and the community at large have high expectations, and are committed to the personal, academic and social growth of all of our students. We strive to offer our children an academically rigorous program with a well-balanced theater arts program consisting of drama, dance, music and art.

"Art is a universal language where kids learn about themselves."
- Mrs. Leto

What We Do

We love what we do and are committed to creating a safe space for our children to thrive and excel! We can only succeed with the support and partnership of our families and community.



We strive to offer our children an academically rigorous program aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards. Curriculum highlights include a balanced literacy program,  our Math & Science programs offer a hands on approach and Social studies is taught using primary documents and project-based research. Our curriculum immerses our students in the performing and visual arts that include Drama, Dance, Music and Art.


The goal of our school is to promote cooperative learning through integrated thematic centers and traveling portfolios that highlight our student’s strengths and interests while differentiating instruction for all our learners. An enrichment piece that is incorporated into our social studies curriculum is Literacy through Art and Music. 


Family Engagement

Our families are an integral part of our community. It is only through our strong family- school partnership, can we create a growing and thriving AEA community! There are many ways to get involved and show your support. 

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