Prospective Students



Please email Jainnie Hackman, our Parent Coordinator, for more information

Open House

Families who are interested in applying to AEA for PreK and Kindergarten are given an opportunity to tour our school. We do not offer individual tours. We schedule group tours during our Open House in late Fall. Please visit our website for dates or email our Parent Coordinator for more information. 

Current Students

School Hours

Monday- Friday

8:10AM- 2:30PM


7:30AM-8AM (Grades K-4) in the Cafe

8:20AM (PreK) in their classrooms

Every child receives FREE* breakfast and lunch everyday. 

*You do not need to apply for your child to receive meals. However, we do ask families to complete the NYCDOE's Family Income Inquiry Form, which helps schools receive money for their programs.

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AEA PS303 uses the following menus:

Pre-K - 8 Breakfast Menu

Pre-K - 8 Lunch Menu

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures


School hours are from 8:20AM-2:10PM.

Enter and exit through the double red doors on 69th Avenue.

Kindergarten & 1st

School hours are from 8:10AM-2:20PM.

Students use the gates on 69th Avenue for arrival and dismissal.

2nd & 3rd

School hours are from 8:10AM-2:30PM.

Students use the main entrance gates on 110 Street for arrival and dismissal. 


School hours are from 8:10AM-2:30PM. Students use the main entrance gates on 110 Street for arrival. Students are dismissed through the doors on 68th Drive.


We ask families for their full cooperation during arrival and dismissal so we can all have a quick and smooth transition. Please keep the following in mind:

- parents are not allowed to enter the building until all the classes have entered and are settled into their classrooms (after 8:30AM)

- please do not call out to your child's teacher to ask a question during arrival and dismissal, as they must focus on receiving their children in the mornings and making sure their children are sent off to their appropriate guardians at dismissal. Any questions should be written as a note and placed in your child's folder
- families cannot enter the school yard or areas of lining up
- please refrain from standing right in front of the gates. Our students need a clear passageway to enter their line up areas

- If your child is having a hard time during drop off, we ask you to keep to the side while you comfort them and only approach the gates when your child is ready to join the lines. Please note, we cannot physically take your child from you. We can only take their hand to lead them to their lines. 

- please keep strollers clear of pathways for students
- teachers cannot help carry your child's supplies to their classrooms. Please make sure whatever your child brings to school, they are able to carry on their own
- please do not double park. This is a safety issue for our children and families crossing the street. Double parking also prevents our children who are bussed to school from being let off at a safe distance from the school
- please do not block driveways, this includes the AEA staff parking lot. Please be considerate of our neighbors. They do have a right to call the police or have your car towed

Many families choose to walk to school or park a block or two away to prevent any safety issues with parking. 


We're so proud of all our AEA stars! Some have moved onto middle school, some are in high school while others are preparing for college! Read about their favorite memory, where they are now and one advice they'd give to the younger AEA stars.

If you or your child is an alumnus/ alumna, please fill out this form: AEA Alumni Form

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