Announcements 3/16/20

Hope you are all staying healthy and safe! We appreciate all the support during this time as we implement a new learning model. We are working hard to ensure that, even with the limitations, we provide our students the best education they deserve.

Please make sure you are staying connected via Remind. All our important updates will be posted on that platform. Reach out to your child's teacher if you need the code to sign up.

Starting on Monday, March 23rd, all our classes will be using Google Classroom as our teaching platform. Our 4th graders have had a successful experience navigating the online application. We will provide families links to learn more about the application- how to's, troubleshooting videos, etc. Ms. Jainnie will be setting up weekly Zoom meetings for parents to connect and share what they have been learning throughout this process. There will also be daily meetings in the beginning to help families with any problems they have logging in or accessing information.

We understand there may be a lot of anxiety and uncertainty, but hopefully, as we continue to stay connected with each other, we can offer each other a sense of calm and hope during this time.

Your child's teacher will be sending out a Sign Up Genius link to coordinate pick up of your child's materials. It is imperative you pick up this bundle as it will not only have your child's books, but also important letters about our online learning that will begin Monday, March 23rd. If you are not able to pick the bundle up, please designate someone else to pick it up for you. After tomorrow afternoon, we will not be able to provide you with your child's materials.

We will be posting helpful websites and resources to help you and your child at home. As we prepare for our online learning next week, here is a helpful powerpoint that explains how to use Google Classroom: Parent's Guide to Google Classroom

All log in information will be sent home tomorrow.

Here's a quick breakdown of the platforms we'll be using:

- Remind: quick updates, important FYI

- Email: communication (questions, concerns)

- Website: schoolwide weekly announcements, uploads of NYCDOE letters

- Google Classroom: class specific assignments (teachers will not be using this as a communication platform with parents; please continue to use their email addresses)

- Zoom: virtual meetings (online workshops, small groups, etc.)

We understand there will be a learning curve for many but we're in this together. Please don't hesitate to reach out to Ms. Jainnie via email or Remind with any questions or concerns. We're grateful for a wonderful community!

Our staff miss your children and can't wait to engage in a new yet exciting mode of learning and teaching!

Have a wonderful week and please stay safe and healthy!


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