Announcements 12/2/19

Happy December!

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving holiday!

The December calendar is being sent home today as well as this month's Family Connect newsletter. Additionally, they will be uploaded online. Please always check our online Google Calendar as that will have the most updated events and trips.

This Week

Monday, December 2nd:

On Stage with Mrs. Leto

We discussed allergies, medical conditions and trip protocols. If your child has a medical condition (allergies, asthma, diabetes, seizures, etc.), please make sure you document that with the nurse (by filling out a 504 accommodation form) and letting your Class Parent know. In this way, we can be mindful of your child's medical needs during trips, class events and schoolwide functions. Your Class Parent will be communicating with you information regarding trips and chaperones this week. Please make sure you give your Class Parent current contact information so you don't miss out on important updates.

Tuesday, December 3rd:

Picture Retakes and Sibling Photos. Please reach out to the PTA for more information.

Tuesday, December 3rd:

Town Hall @ 3:10PM

Please note the time change! The time change allows parents the ability to meet with their child's teacher during Tuesday Parent Engagement Afternoons as well as attend the Town Hall Meeting.

Wednesday, December 4th:

SLT @ 7:30AM

Pajama Drive ends (please check out our Target registry, if you'd like to purchase pajamas online to be sent to the school visit:

Before and After School Enrichment Programs begin. Please check in with that program's teacher to note dismissal times.

Thursday, December 5th:

CEC Meeting @ 6:30PM. For more info, visit:

Looking Ahead

Tuesday, December 10th

Kindergarten Open House for New Families. For our current PreK families, we will be hosting a separate informational session. If you have questions about Kindergarten admissions, please reach out to Ms. Jainnie Hackman.

Wednesday, December 11th

The PTA will be having their annual Penguin Holiday Shoppe for the students. The letter was sent home today with details.

Thursday, December 12th

PTA monthly meeting at 7PM


Please send your most current contact information to your child's Class Parent. If your Class Parent does not have your info, you will miss out on class specific information about events, trips and parties.

If your child has a medical condition that requires medication, please make sure you fill out a 504 Accommodation form and file it with the nurse. You must also send in that medication, labeled with your child's name, to be kept in school.

Any school closures are decided by the Mayor, please make sure you check the news for any updates.


According to the NYDOH and NYCDOE, only parents who have children with a medical condition that involves maintenance medication throughout the day are required to attend school trips. All parents are welcome to attend trips but it is under the discretion of the teacher and administrative staff to make final decisions.

Class Parents will be sending a follow up email to families about trips and chaperones this week.

If your child's class encounters an issue with having a large amount of children with medical conditions, we kindly ask parents to be mindful of those children who have a more serious medical condition and may need their parent or designee to be present at trips. At this point, we are urging families to communicate amongst themselves to come up with a reasonable resolution. If no solution is proposed, we will have to take drastic measures and cancel the trip for the whole grade or a specific class (we would rather not do this since it is unfair to our students). We thank you for your understanding, cooperation and support.

Stay safe and have a great week!


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