In an effort to streamline our communication and provide families a central location to obtain more up to date information, we have created Google Sites. These sites will replace Shutterfly. This will be our platform to share announcements, documents, class trip information, class project details and other important notices teachers want to post. Parents will receive a letter with instructions on how to log in and use the application. Please remember to download all your photos from Shutterfly as it will be inactive in the near future. 


Questions? Email: Jainnie Hackman, Parent Coordinator (


PreK- 202
Ms. Weissbach & Ms. Jorge
PreK- 205
Mr. DeJesus & Ms. Wu
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K- 216
Ms. Rodriguez
K- 218
Ms. Amper
K- 303
Ms. Garger & Ms. Cifelli
K- 312
Mr. Kinane
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1st Grade

1- 317
Ms. Sferrazza & Ms. Nabavian
1- 318
Ms. Hahn
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2nd Grade

2- 254
Ms. Ugbomah & Ms. Bailey
2- 251
Ms. Pizzurro
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3rd Grade

3- 263
Ms. Bates & Ms. Van Laarhoven
3- 259
Ms. Tsihlas
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4th Grade

4- 265
Ms. King
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